Terms and Conditions of the Expedited Bill Pay Service


            These Terms and Conditions of the Expedited Bill Pay service (the “Agreement”) are between Nevada State Bank and you. This Agreement governs the Expedited Bill Pay Service that Nevada State Bank offers as part of our Online Banking services.  It supplements and is in addition to the Terms and Conditions of the Bill Pay Service (“Bill Pay Terms”).  However, if the terms of this Agreement conflict with the Bill Pay Terms, the terms of this Agreement shall control. Terms not defined in this Agreement have the meaning given them in the Bill Pay Terms.  In the remainder of this Agreement “us” or “our” refers to Nevada State Bank and includes any agent, independent contractor, designee, or assignee that we involve in the provision of the Expedited Bill Pay service. A reference to “you”, “your” or “yours” includes you and any person authorized by you to access the Expedited Bill Pay Service




“Expedited Bill Pay” means the service Nevada State Bank offers that allow you to submit Payment Instructions for expedited delivery of a payment to a Payee.


“Expedited Overnight Check” means a check that we initiate on your behalf of you, delivered to the Payee by overnight courier per your Payment Instruction.


“Payment Delivery Date” means either (i) the date disclosed by us as the date on which the payment will be delivered to the Payee, or (ii) the date determined according to the lead days and cut-off times required for the Payee.


“Payment Request Date” means the date on which we receive Payment Instructions from you.


Expedited Bill Pay Service


            Our Expedited Bill Pay service allows you to submit Payment Instructions for delivery of a payment to your Payee no later than the next Business Day. You may select either the Electronic Payment option (for same-or next-Business Day payments) or the Expedited Overnight Check option (for next-Business Day payments). If your Payee does not have the capability to take delivery of an Electronic Payment, you will have the option of sending the payment by Expedited Overnight Check.  


            In order for an Expedited Bill Pay to be delivered to a Payee no later than the next Business Day, you must submit (a) accurate and complete Payment Instructions, (b) on a Business Day, and (c) prior to the Payee’s designated cutoff time for that Business Day. An Expedited Bill Pay submitted with inaccurate or incomplete Payment Instructions may be rejected or may not be delivered on time. An Expedited Bill Pay submitted on a non-Business Day or after the Payee’s daily cutoff time will be processed for delivery the following Business Day.  The Payee’s cutoff time will be displayed to you before the payment is finalized.


You will be charged a fee for each Expedited Bill Pay

submitted, regardless of whether it was properly submitted.


Service Guarantee


            If we do not deliver an Expedited Bill Pay on time or in the correct amount according to the terms of this Agreement, Nevada State Bank will reimburse any late fees and/or finance charges the Payee assesses you for the late delivery, excluding any fees or charges assessed on your total outstanding balance with the Payee.  However, we will not be liable for failing to deliver an Expedited Bill Pay by the Due Date if:


  1. You provide inaccurate or incomplete Payment Instructions, including an incorrect payment amount,
  2. You exceed the maximum allowed Bill Pay limit.
  3. The overnight courier does not guaranty next-day service to the delivery address you specify for an Expedited Overnight Check, or
  4. One of the exceptions to the Service Guarantee listed in the Bill Pay Terms applies.  




            Nevada State Bank will provide Expedited Bill Pay service up to a predetermined dollar amount per customer per day. Payee capability, payment delivery mechanisms and other factors can limit the availability of Expedited Bill Pay service.  Expedited Overnight Checks are limited to delivery within the continental United States, excluding delivery to PO Box addresses, locations in Alaska, Hawaii, or any foreign or U.S. territory outside of the contiguous 48 states and the District of Columbia.  You are responsible for entering and verifying that the delivery address for any Expedited Overnight Check to ensure it is a correct and valid overnight package delivery address for the Payee. Nevada State Bank will not be liable for consequential damages that might arise from the Expedited Bill Pay not arriving by the Due Date.


            Due to the need to transact an Expedited Bill Pay as quickly as possible, Nevada State Bank will execute your Payment Instructions immediately upon submission. You will not have the ability to edit or cancel the Payment Instructions after the payment request has been confirmed.




            You will be charged a fee for the Expedited Bill Pay service at the time your Payment Instructions are executed.  The fee will be collected directly from your Funding Account as a separate transaction.